the wedding count down: 129 days (some advice)

wednesday wedding advice found via green wedding shoes.

“The best advice I received from a friend, was to not let the details take over. To remember that Alan loves me, and just wants to marry me, and that the color of the napkins won’t make a difference. I think it was really good advice and I would always think of it whenever I got stressed out about something.

My advice would be to make decisions as early as possible. I had a pretty clear vision of what I wanted for our wedding early on, but I still waited until the very last minute to pull the trigger on most things. Be confident in what you think is right, so you’re not scrambling at the last minute.

Also, figure out which vendors are most important to you. To us, this was the music and photography. The right DJ can keep the dance floor packed all night and the photographs will be how you remember your day forever. The style of photography was super important to us and when we look at ours they make us so happy.”

great advice and a very cute palm springs wedding indeed! i loved all of the personal touches,  especially the wedding quilt guest book!

the wedding count down: 129 days (some advice)

3 thoughts on “the wedding count down: 129 days (some advice)

  1. This is the same attitude we approached planning our wedding and it really helped. Admittantly we have planned it all in 4 months so the stress is getting to us a little now (2 weeks to go!) but being in the industry helps. We have all the main components and thats all you need 🙂

  2. Agreed! Stick to your absolute priorities in terms of vendors and do not waver from them. For me it was venue and photography – and to this day I am so grateful that I spent the most energy on these choices. Everything else just fell into place.

    And remember – you are planning for ONE day. You spend all these days/weeks/months for a single celebration. Don’t forget to be excited about the days following the wedding and spending bliss with your new hubby.

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