boy or girl?


husband and i attended our first gender reveal party this past weekend! it was extra cute and made extra awesome by the massive amount of food present.  i think we ate for five straight hours!!

i also have to admit the party was a bit of a pinterest dream come true (lol) with a massive dessert table, flag garland adorned cakes, flag topped mini cupcakes, matching everything, and diy galore! the mama to be even made stickers for the plastic cups! (dies) and the mini-bows and mustaches? way too cute!

my guess was a boy (and i’m right!), but i couldn’t resist a yellow bow in my hair!

so what do you think about the gender reveal party trend? would you have a big sha-bang? would you opt for something more intimate? or would you wait until birth to find out?!


boy or girl?

One thought on “boy or girl?

  1. elisse says:

    I like the idea of a gender-reveal party! I don’t know what I would do – maybe have a party after baby is born, so that everyone could spend time with the new little one?

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