warm hugs

this made me happy. my first knitting project at work – giving hugs and keeping the bestie warm all winter long (or at least all morning long)! i’m looking forward to a few more knitting/crochet projects before the weather gets warm! happy friday!


warm hugs


accompany is a beautifully curated boutique filled with unique items meeting the standard of at least one of these three key areas : artisan made, fair trade, and/or philanthropic (read more about their mission here and here) so you bet i was extra excited when i found out i won the little white whale/$200 accompany gift card giveaway!!! (ahh!!)

it took me a while to decide what i wanted (there are just so many things!), but once i made my selection the goodies arrived extra fast..


i was surprised to receive my package early and i couldn’t help but peek inside even before i made it home (it was delivered to my office)! i was happy to find my goodies came with a card and a sample of argan oil too – sweet!


and of course the first thing i did when i got home was open the rest .. as part of the giveaway, i selected the lapis sadik cuff  (above) and the lilac swatches tunic dress (below).


and i’m loving both!

thank you, thank you, little white whale & accompany!


wildseed farms


IMG_8628 IMG_8642 IMG_8646 IMG_8648

we took a day trip out to wildseed farms just outside fredricksburg this past weekend – there were fields of wildflowers in bloom (so pretty!) and rows of veggies too!

 i’m still a beginner when it comes to gardening, but maybe one day… one day i’ll have a mini-garden in my back yard. 🙂

happy wednesday!

wildseed farms



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with the new house almost finished, we’ve had nothing but “house” on our minds! and with all our talk of granite, tile, and kitchen back splashes, husband discovered his new favorite : the “tuxedo kitchen”. and he is most proud (me too!) he knows this term. hehe.